How does Freedom Work
In your stay at Freedom Recovery Centre we bring together a number of processes which educate, equip and enable you to sustain your recovery beyond your stay with us.

Our Approach
As a provider we understand that we must demonstrate our ability to respond to ˜needs' on different levels. From a service user perspective, we have to offer a service which reflects and responds to their full range of needs. This can be as basic as the need for accommodation in order to benefit from more therapeutic interventions or support through counselling to explore personal issues or rebuild family relationships (see diagram Fig 1).
From a Commissioner perspective we recognise that limitations on funding require a response that is flexible in terms of length of stay, but also one that is designed to be effective in building a foundation for sustained recovery.
To ensure that we can meet the needs of both service user and Commissioners we offer a response that is designed to be flexible, responsive and effective. Care managers and service users can build a care plan utilising some or all of the components that make up our service.

Figure 1

Groups are a big part of the Freedom Recovery Centre programme. Attendance at all groups is a condition of your stay. The group process is about peer support, trust and learning. They are designed to help you work through many areas and related issues, within a setting of shared experiences.

To be effective the group setting relies on a mutual commitment to trust and respect. You must arrive on time and should not leave until the group has ended. These rules provide a safe and non-judgmental learning environment for all.
Individual Counselling
All service users receive a minimum of one individual counselling session with an allocated counsellor each week. Like groups this is a ˜safe space' for you to work through difficult issues, not just your relationship with alcohol and drugs but many of the underlying issues that have contributed to your dependence.
Complimentary Therapies
We can offer some alternative therapies on site dependant on your needs. This would be identified as part of your care plan at admission.
In addition, we organise a number of off site activities such as access to the gym, group outings (noodle bar, fun days, and community activities).
Internet Access
Freedom Recovery Centre provides a computer and Internet access. You need to book in advance a session and sign in at the office for the wireless adapter. The Internet sessions are limited to 15 minutes per person due to the number of service users and room availability. Open hours for use of the Internet are: 12:15pm to 13:45pm and 15:30pm to 16:45pm.
It is strictly forbidden to use the Internet to visit or access chat rooms, gambling, adult X-rated sites, downloading of games, music and ring tones. Freedom Recovery Centre is providing the Internet for educational and research purposes only.
Practical help and advice
We recognise that service users present with many practical problems and needs, and that help in addressing these are as important as other forms of support. Freedom Recovery Centre will work with you to identify these areas of support and identify them as goals in your care plan.
Planned Discharge
Towards the end of your stay with Freedom Recovery Centre your counsellor/key worker in discussion with you and your local authority care manager will begin to identify what support you will need when you leave Freedom to give you the best opportunity to sustain your recovery and positive life style.

This is known as an aftercare plan and can address practical issues such as housing, education, employment or the need for continued counselling and relapse prevention.

Unplanned discharge
There will be incidents where an individual service user at Freedom Recovery Centre may be asked to leave due to a serious breach of the terms and conditions of stay. This is considered as an unplanned discharge. Where this happens we will work with you and your care manager to assist you in accessing services in your local area.

Being asked to leave does not mean that at some point in the future you cannot re-apply to return to Freedom Recovery Centre.