Dear Freedom,

When I first came in to FRC I had spent 15 years in active addiction I came in a broken shell, I had lost myself worth & self respect and I trusted no-one. Being at FRC has taught me that I do deserve a life and that I can have a life with a bit of guidance.

I have learnt to trust, love and care for others but most of all I have learnt to do the same for myself, and when I couldn’t the whole of FRC did it for me.

I have come to the end of my 6 months in treatment and I honestly feel that if I didn’t come to Freedom I would still be using or worst, dead. For me it’s not just about being in a treatment centre I feel that Freedom is unique. From the first day I got here I have been shown love, trust, respect, compassion, understanding, patience and more, Freedom has been a family to me and supported me through all of my hard times.

I came to Freedom and found freedom from active addiction and freedom from the dark hole that I didn’t know how to get out of, I feel that this isn’t just a 9-5 job the work time and effort that goes into supporting me in recovery comes from the heart and I feel the love in my heart today.

Words can’t express the gratitude that I have for Freedom or explain the love, help and support I have felt here.

Thank you for all you have done for me, I don’t know where I’d be without you all.

J.L 30 April 2012


Dear Freedom,

Saying thank you does not really cover the level of sacrifice I feel for you. I am so blessed to have the counsellor I did, and to know such a perceptive, kind, caring, compassionate human being. What you do at FRC goes beyond the call of duty and having witnessed this again and again over the last 9 months, I have the utmost respect for your level of care and support.
You have been a consistent, positive, blatantly honest influence in my life, something I’ve never had before especially from a female. Sometimes you knew that it was exactly what I needed and because of this I’ve learned how to trust, become honest (eventually) and begin to realise that I am worthy of love and respect but need to give it to myself first.
I have been allowed to grow and make mistakes under your care, but instead of punishing me you have helped me to work through my core issues without judgement. I have been given an amazing opportunity at FRC to begin to have relationship with myself which at times has been unbelievably painful but because of your constant insight, depth of experience and knowledge which you have selflessly passed on to me, I have come through very difficult experience still abstinent.
I shall never forget this life changing journey and now see a positive healthy future ahead where there was only darkness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lots of love

Jane. W 16th Sept 2011


No one is a lost cause here. Everyone deserves a chance, no matter how low you have personally sunk. You can and will get better. The staff at FRC is professional, caring, understanding and will not judge or criticise you; they do care. Their patience and persistence paid off. There is a residential and non- residential day programme, Step Down and Aftercare. It is wonderful to know that help and support is there when you need it. If you think you are a worthless cause think again. I thought this just like you do. But here I am today, clean and sober. My gratitude to FRC is immense. They saved my life. Once I knew only despair, darkness, drug addiction, the whole lot. Today I have hope, health, happiness and a future. You can have this too if you want this badly enough to go to any lengths. Just trust and believe me your whole life will take on a whole new meaning and purpose.
Ms KBP, Dec 2008


My name is Bob and I am just over two years clean and all thanks to Freedom Recovery Centre. I tried for many years to stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol but failed. Until coming to Freedom I thought I was just putting down the drink or drugs but Freedom gave me a full understanding of the nature of addiction. Since completing the programme my life has changed dramatically. Freedom has helped me to rebuild my life, gain self esteem and gain my confidence back, all things I lost for many years. I found Freedom a very warm and friendly place. I still attend the Aftercare programme every Friday which I find very beneficial. The programme is a free voluntary group open to clients who have completed the programme.

Bob, Dec 2008


Feeling unsafe, frightened and lost when I came for my assessment the staff, clients and atmosphere confirmed to me that I had made the right choice in coming in Freedom to start my recovery. I felt held, cared for and reassured. Regular keyworking, one to one counselling and group therapy enabled me to focus on my core issues, which I have started to be aware of and work through. My experience has been that Freedom was and continues to be supportive, a welcoming place for me. The Step Down format was beneficial to me when I moved back into my flat. As the transitional period, from treatment to life on the outside was very vulnerable for me the Step Down helped me to settle in with the support of Freedom.

IJ, 2007


When I first arrived I truly believed at that time that I was willing to do anything for my recovery. As time went on I found that I wanted to still do things my way. On this I was challenged and found it very difficult to accept. This was not an easy process for me to go though. I was discharged from FRC and this was something that hit me hard. I relapsed at a later date due to not accepting help or not been able to handle my feelings. I went to see Anne Marie and asked for help, which she offered. Still not being totally ready, I walked away. Six months after that date, I turned up at FRC and I wasn't turned away. FRC is the place that's been like home to me. Warm and safe and the staff are like family - supporting and loving. Even though my journey took a different course I was never turned away and for that I am grateful.
VM, 2005